16 bit Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 16 Bit
Head 16 bit Russian Blue Cat Head
Body 16 bit Cherry Poptart, 16 bit grey feet and tail
Stream 16 bit Normal Rainbow
Nyan Cat (16 Bit) 10 Minutes

Nyan Cat (16 Bit) 10 Minutes

The 16 bit Nyan Cat aka Super Nyan Cat is one of the many Nyan Cat spoofs found on YouTube.

It has a more detailed coloration of its face, feet and tail, has an elaborated rainbow trail, and a thickly colored salmon pink cherry poptart with a white shine in the center.

It still flies in Space, but it is more animated as the stars will reverse backwards once they have exploded to reform.

It doesn't have a title on NYAN.CAT, so it is only found on YouTube.

The song is an entirely new remix of the original "Nya Nya" song.

Sadly, the original video cannot be found anymore, but it has its own 10 minute video on YouTube by "Desustanciados" that can be watched, keeping the original remix music.

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