Chinese Nyan Cat
Nyan cat chinese gif by lookincool45-d53yhiw
Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Chinese Hat
Body Chinese Flag
Stream Red, White and Yellow
Chinese Nyan Cat

Chinese Nyan Cat

Chinese Nyan Cat is one of the Nyan Cats found on YouTube that represents countries.

This one resembles China and was created by YouTuber "Looongkat" and was uploaded on Jul 9, 2011.

It is the original grey cat, but with a light brown Chinese hat on its head, and has the flag of China instead of a poptart for the body. The tail is also slightly shorter than the original cat.

The rainbow streak trail colors are red, white, yellow, and the cat flies over the Great Wall of China, the wall itself has green bushes growing under it, and the cat flies through a blue sky that has a few grey clouds.

Chinese Nyan Cat also flies to a high pitched version of the Chinese National Anthem.

Sadly, the video was stolen by other YouTubers. Luckily, the original still remains on YouTube.