Dubstep Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Skrillex's Hair and Glasses
Body Blue Poptart with dark blue sprinkles, grey feet and tail
Stream Rainbow Volume Bars


The Dubstep Nyan Cat is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat.

It is on the site Nyan.Cat where you can watch many Nyan Cat spoofs and see how long you can last.

Appearance Edit

It has long black hair, glasses, a blue Poptart and a unique rainbow, which is in the style of a 6-column volume bar.

The glasses and hair may be an attempt to make the cat look like Skrillex, an online song artist on YouTube who makes dubstep music.

The cat flies through space, the stars still being white, but the background is completely black, which causes the cat's hair to blend into the backdrop, making the right side of the hair seem invisible.

Music Edit

The song is also a dubstep remix of the original nyan cat theme by Alex.S. The style of this dubstep remix copies that of Skrillex's pieces. It includes drums, and appears on a project on

Nyan.Cat Page Edit

The title of the page says "Dubstep Nyan Cat" and the three options below it highlight in pink.


  • Adolf Hitler's voice saying "Jas!" (Yes!) can be heard at approximately 0:56 through the song. This might be a reference to the Nazi Nyan Cat, but not much else is known if this is true or not.
  • The Dubstep Nyan Cat's appearance is based off of Skrillex.
  • The only other nyan cat to use a completely black background other than Dubstep Cat is the Technyancolor Cat.
  • The "Lower Volume" Easter Egg reveals a black rainbow, a glitch that also occurs with nyans such as Pirate, Manyan, Elevator and other nyans with no rainbow or have one elsewhere.