Head Robot Head
Body Robot Body with Heart
Stream None
Music Any Nyan Song You Choose on Nyan.Cat

Lovebots are small dancing robots from the Nyan.Cat website. There are two of them found right next to the "Pick A Flavor" button.

They have a rectangular body with a pink loveheart on it and rectangular heads. Their white smiling mouths look like rectangles from a distance, but looking more carefully, it turns out to be a smile.

They have light blue eyes with a white reflection on top, unlike other nyans' eyes and two antennas on the head, which look like pins, due to the balls on top.

Their arms and legs are very thin rectangles, which are flexible and can bend without trouble which allows them to dance.

Since they are not nyans, they do not have their own theme song, unless you count the music for the nyan cat flavor selected as their theme.

Trivia Edit


Lovebots appear in an iPhone Nyan Cat game.

Choosing the Retro Nyan Cat flavor makes the lovebots turn completely brown and become "retrobots"

If you save the image, their default name for the file will be "lovebots.gif," revealing their name.

Along with Fiesta Spider, this is the only other pixel art creature related to the Nyan Cat that is not a nyan.