Manyan Cat
Head Golden Cat "Head"
Body Mayan Symbol
Stream None
MANYAN CAT NyanCat Flavor

MANYAN CAT NyanCat Flavor

The Manyan Cat (to some, known as "The End of the World Nyan Cat"), is a Mayan-based Nyan Cat spoof based on the Mayan Calendar. "Manyan" is a mashup of "Nyan" and "Mayan."  

It is decorated with a gold Nyan Cat head in the center, the Triforce, from The Legend of Zelda, on above of the Nyan cat Head, two 8-bit dinosaurs on the top-left and top-right of the head, two Pac-Man sprites on the sides of the head, and two ships from Space Invaders on the bottom-left and bottom-right of the head.  

The music that plays on the page is "The Last Day/Final Six Hours Theme" from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask complete with the funeral bell toll sounds from the Clock Tower. This sad melody plays when the moon is about to crash in the game.  

It first appears and is featured on Nyan.Cat ( for the official page) and is one of the only nyans on the site without a rainbow streak trail.  

On the bottom of the page are the words "WE HAVE-" and the number of days, hours and minutes that we have until the "end of the world", which Mayans believe will be coming.  

The title of the page says "NON-STOP MANYAN CAT!" and the three options highlight in pink. The animated gif saves as "manyan.gif" and the preview icon on the "Pick a Flavor" bar saves as "manyan.gif".  

Since that has passed, and didn't happen, it now counts up from the original apocalypse prediction time. Eventually, the depressing music was removed. 

In 2015, this Nyan Cat still was silent and no longer had the negative numbers on the bottom of the screen, plus, the grey background had gone, a rainbow became visible and the Manyan Cat got the detached rainbow glitch, making this nyan cat broken. 

Sadly, after October 2016, Manyan got taken down off of the website and can no longer be found on the "Pick a Flavor" menu.  

Luckily, it can still be found by either using (Wayback Machine) to get the old working version with music (https://, or type in "http://" to get the present version. 

Trivia Edit

  • The music on the Manyan's page does not play due to a possible programming glitch.
  • This nyan gives major shout-outs to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask's apocalyptic theme.
  • Along with the Elevator Nyan Cat, doing the "Lower Volume" causes a black streak to appear unhidden.
  • This nyan cat, unlike most others, has no rainbow.