NYAN BATTLE ! (Nyan cat vs Tac Nayn)-0

NYAN BATTLE ! (Nyan cat vs Tac Nayn)-0

The Official Video

Nyan Battle is a video in which Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn fight to the death.

The video was uploaded to Youtube by Sylvain H now known as Nyan AH and has received 20000+ likes, so its a video that's worth watching!

Plot Edit

A homeless specie of Nyan Cat, the waffle cats want to find a new home planet. They have their eyes set on Earth, but then realize that the world is protected by a guardian: Nyan Cat.

To get this guardian out of the way, they send agent T9, aka Tac Nayn down to kill the guardian of Earth.

However, Donut Pusheen, a plump little cat wearing a donut gets injured by the heartless waffle cat, who saw the donut cat as being in his way.

When the guardian of the Earth, Nyan Cat spots the poor donut cat falling from the sky, it rescues the injured cat and then decides that it is time to avenge the injured cat by fending off the evil Tac Nayn.

Will the Nyan Cat win and save the Earth or will Tac Nayn destroy all? Find out in this epic sprite animation!

 Characters Edit

Nyan Cat
Tac Nayn
Donut Pusheen

Character Powers Edit

Nyan Cat Edit

Nyan Cat Power Rainbow.

Rainbow Rage

Nyan Cat Power

Rainbow Comet

Nyan Cat Ability

Razor Whiskers

Rainbow Hudoken (When using Rainbow Rage)

Super Strength (When using Rainbow Rage)



Light Super Form (stronger than Rainbow Rage. Gains ability when emotionally hurt)

Light Rocket Comet (When in Light Super Form) (Can send foes flying into their own evil planets and destroy them)

Tac Nayn Edit

Tac Nayn Power

Snowflake Shuriken/Ninja Star

Donut Pusheen hit by Tac Nayn

Shadow Fireball

Donut Pusheen hit to death by Tac Nayn, to cover Nyan Cat

Greyscale Rainbow Beam

Dark Breath

Tail Pound

Razor Claws



Burning Rage

Rapid Fire Greyscale Beam (When using Burning Rage)

Fatal Greyscale Beam (When using Burning Rage) (Instantly kills foes)

Music used in Video Edit

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Artwork Edit


Nyan Cat Vs Tac Nayn

Nyan Cat 61
Nyan Cat painting FINALb small

Nyan Cat vs. Tac Nayn by jrbarker