The website on a Mac's Safari browser. The page is the Elevator Nyan Cat

The website is a place where you can find endless version of Nyan Cats and tweet how long you watched. Christopher Torres disliked this, but now currently owns it, and has since shared the ownership with the creator of this website.


It was created by someone called Huy Hong. Even though he created the website, he gave no credit to anyone, not even the real creator of the Poptart Cat gif.

Because of this, many thought Huy created Nyan Cat. Torres contacted him on Twitter, and he agreed to add credit to him. After a while, he posted a link to the original Nyan Cat, but later, he changed it from "Original GIF" to "Nyancat's cousin," still letting people think that he was the creator, and the original was fan art.

Copyright Claim Edit

Torres then got an eMail from Huy which asked if it was okay to ask him by phone about his ideas for an iPhone 5 game, with his image of Nyan Cat. Torres was already planning his own Nyan Cat game. He asked Huy to join his team so their wouldn't be two Nyan Cat iGames. The next day Huy called him and said he did NOT want to form a partnership, and that he would start his own plans without him. He also changed Nyan Cat to Toast Cat on, which made many people ask Torres why he did it.

After Chris wrote the copyright claim on his Tumblr, he got ownership over the website.

The New website Edit

Eventually, according to an interview with the original creator, he made a truce with Huy Hong, met Saraj00n, and they decided to fix the website, which was now broken and had only a straight broken rainbow.

The Toast Cat never returned, but the original Nyan Cat, and several brand new spoofs appeared on the site instead. The dancing lovebots were the only other creature from the old version that was kept.

2015 Website Breakdown Edit

In August 2015, went down. Torres explained on twitter: "the person that takes care of it has been MIA so I’ve been trying to rebuild but progress is very slow". @A_Porcupine worked with Chris to re-build by sifting through archives from (Wayback Machine), rebuilding as much of the code as possible.

This resulted in some major glitches through the end of 2015 until the end of 2016; the nyans were flying and dancing with their rainbows detached from them, at least two or three nyans not having their theme songs on their pages and the achievements and Easter Eggs not working.

Present Day (2015 Breakdown Aftermath) Edit

  • The website now works fine and most nyans are no longer detached from their rainbows
  • Most Easter Eggs and all Achievements sadly no longer work since late 2015
  • Manyan Cat is no longer counting up from "the end of the world 2012" and has no Zelda music anymore. In late October 2016, Manyan Cat got taken down from the website
  • Nyan Grumpy Cat has no music
  • The "Pick a Flavor" menu cannot be closed once it is opened
  • Tac Nayn's rainbow is incorrect and is in the cat's face. The skulls are going the wrong way and popping
  • Since 2018 has come, the New Year Nyan Cat has yet to be updated as it still says it is 2016

Nyan Cats found on the WebsiteEdit

For a category containing all nyans that appear on, please see the Appears on Nyan.Cat Category


  • Flavors are all the variations found in the "Pick a Flavor" bar.
  • Hidden means that it is still on the website, but typing the cat's url name will bring its page up, but glitchy.
  • Secret means that the cat had to be found with special hidden pictures or links.
  • No Longer Available literally means that the cat can no longer be found on the website, not even with a url. These can be found with though.

These have been arranged in order of their date appearance and also their position on the "Pick a Flavor" bar:

Name Availability Flavor Main Page
Nyan Cat/Original Flavor 1 Default
Toast Cat No Longer Available N/A Toast Cat era
Nyan Grumpy Cat Flavor 2 --- --
Nyan Coin Flavor 3 --- --
Game Boy Cat Flavor 4 --- --
Missingnyan Cat Secret, Hidden N/A Near the end of March 2018
Technyancolor Cat Flavor 5
Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat Flavor 6
Nyan Floppy Disk Hidden N/A
Manyan Cat Hidden N/A
Toaster Dog Hidden N/A
Mexican Nyan Cat Flavor 7
Jackson 5 Nyan Cat Flavor 8
Ninja Nyan Cat Flavor 9
Pirate Nyan Cat Flavor 10
Nyan Pikachu Flavor 11
Elevator Nyan Cat Flavor 12
Zombie Nyan Cat Flavor 13
Mummy Nyan Cat Flavor 14
Pumpkin Nyan Cat Flavor 15 Oct 31
Glitch Nyan Cat/WTF/Nuan Xet Flavor 16 April 1
Rasta Nyan Cat/Ganja Nyan Cat Flavor 17
American Nyan Cat Flavor 18 July 4
Retro Nyan Cat Flavor 19
Valentine Nyan Cat Flavor 20 Feb 14
Sad Nyan Cat Flavor 21
Tac Nayn (Glitched) Flavor 22
Dubstep Nyan Cat Flavor 23
Slomo Cat Flavor 24
Xmas Nyan Cat Flavor 25 Dec 31
New Years Nyan Cat Flavor 26 Jan 1
Fiesta Dog Flavor 27
Easter Nyan Bunny Flavor 28 Easter
Party Nyan Cat Flavor 29 April 6
Daft Punk Nyan Cat Flavor 30
St. Patrick's Day Nyan Cat Flavor 31 March 16
Bacon/Breakfast Nyan Cat Flavor 32
Melon Bird Flavor 33
Star Sheep Flavor 34
Balloon Cat Flavor 35
Smurf Nyan Cat No Longer Available N/A --- --

Lovebots Edit

Lovebots are the little dancing robot mascots found next to the "Pick a Flavor" Button. They were created after Chris Torres gained access to the website. They also have Retro versions of themselves on the Retro Cat Page, called "Retrobots". Sadly, Retrobots have been removed from the site.


Merchandise Edit

Since Huy Hong stopped claiming the nyan cat as his and he decided to share the website, Christopher Torres began to show nyan cat related merchandise on the website instead of the counterfeit merchandise that was on before.

Plushies Edit

There were singing plushies, which there were four of available:

Nyan Cat Boy proof

A plush nyan cat being reviewed on another website. This is possibly Marty the cat, Chris Torries' cat, and the inspiration of Nyan Cat

Plush Nyan Cat

Plush Jazz Nyan Cat

Plush Fiesta Dog

Plush Valentines Day Nyan Cat

Games Edit

Nyan Cat games are often displayed on the website too. This includes "Nyan Cat: Lost in Space" "Nyan Cat: The Space Journey" etc.


The icon that can be seen on advertising "Nyan Cat: The Space Journey"

Accessories Edit

Nyan Cat key rings, T-Shirts and necklaces can be found advertised on A new one with the new year on is almost always seen there, and is different each time.

4469-01162014-1405-dog-tag-nyan 2014

A new years day 2014 nyan cat accessory

Achievements Edit

You can get certain message achievements for completing hidden goals on the website. Each time you complete a goal, a popup appears in the bottom left corner with the a title of ACHIEVEMENT GET, the achievement's name and a description of that achievement.

Sadly, you can no longer get these unless you go back to April 2013 on the Wayback Machine but on some versions you earn them all at once.

Here are all the obtainable achievements listed below:

ONE THOUSNYAN: Nyan for 1000 seconds!

OVER NYAN THOUSNYAN: Nyan for 9001 seconds!

ONE HUNDRED THOUSNYAN: Nyan for 100,000 seconds!

FIVE HUNDRED THOUSNYAN: Nyan for 500,000 seconds!

ONE MILLINYAN: Nyan for one million seconds!

FIVE MILLINYAN: Nyan for five million seconds!

MISSINGNYAN: Find the missingnyan cat.

IT'S RAINING NYAN: Find the "level select" menu...

NYAN FAN: View every flavor.

OBSESSED: View every flavor 100 times.

Easter EggsEdit

  • There are a couple of Easter Eggs on this website, but most of them do not work anymore :( Here they are:

Christopher Torres Era Edit

  • One of the language options is Nyan and another one is Catala
  • Sometimes, rarely, a unique one-time-only nyan cat will appear on the website. This happened on the 14th April 2015 (NOT an April Fools as that would be Glitch Nyan Cat) where Floppy Disk Nyan Cat appeared once and one time only. It did not return after that as an official flavor, however is is still accesible by typing "floppy" on the end of the URL.
  • Do NOT do this Easter Egg if you are epileptic. Pressing "LOWER VOLUME" on the "Pick a Flavor" Menu will actually make it louder. After pressing it seven times it will change into "OMG!!!!!!". Pressing it once more will make it say "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Pressing it once more will make it say "OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Pressing it once more, will make the OMG disappear and the background flash rainbow colors (this is not visible on some Nyans, though.) This Easter Egg is now sadly broken and can only work on Wayback Machine on a previous year from before 2015.
  • Pressing the famous Konami code "Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A" then "Enter" will make it rain small Nyan Cats on the website. You get an achievement for this. Only works on Wayback Machine set back to 2013.
  • Nyaning for 9001 seconds will make it say "IT'S OVER NYANTHOUSAND!" This is referencing to another meme. Only works on on the Wayback Machine in 2013.
  • Missingnyan Cat's page can be accessed by a link that is disguised as a small normal 8-bit cat that appears to have a glitch on Gameboy Cat's page with the name "Little Kitty". You get an achievement for finding it. This now only works with the 404 link on MissingNyan's Wiki Page or on Wayback Machine on the year 2013.
  • Manayan Cat has a grey OMG! trail instead of black, Pirate Nyan cat has a blue one
    Little Kitty
    Secret nyan cat

    The MissingNyan Cat's Page

Huy Hong Era (Toast Cat) Edit

Note: Use Wayback Machine on the Website and set it to a time on 20th April 2011 to find Toast Cat and do the Easter Eggs.

  • The Lower Volume Easter Egg is present here too!
  • Nyaning for 420 seconds with Toast Cat would change him into Ganja Toast Cat. Wayback Machine has to be set to 20th April 2011 for it to work though.
  • There is a language options for Nyan here too. Oh, and there is Catala too!
  • Nyaning for 2000 seconds makes an option for Nyan cat Karaoke Mode appear. This makes lots of "Nyas" appear on top of the Toast Cat. 

Currently Working Easter Eggs Edit

  • There is still a Nyan Cat Language option available
  • The default page's nyan cat will change to fit that day; Glitch Nyan Cat = April Fools, New Years Cat, American Nyan Cat = 4th July, etc.

Glitches Edit

  • The "Lower Volume" Easter Egg will reveal certain nyan cat's invisible rainbow streak trails as black. This will happen with nyans such as Pirate Nyan Cat, Manyan Cat or any other nyan without a rainbow streak or if the rainbow is positioned elsewhere.
  • Tac Nayn has the rainbow coming out of the face instead of the rear. The skulls are also going the wrong way.
  • Glitch Cat is...well, glitchy on purpose!
  • It is possible that the reason why Grumpy Cat and Manyan Cat have no music presently is due to a programming glitch. This may have been caused by the website going down in mid 2015.

Beta Version Edit

After the Huy Hong era, and before the final version of the website, it had some features that were different from before the website was fully finished, but was available on the web: It has some forgotten nyans and there are cats that are no longer found on the website. Some features were not even finished yet!

Sadly, the early version of the website is not available on (Wayback Machine), but a YouTube video by "yoshi7133" with the title of "nyan cat versions versiones de nyan cat" has this version of the website featured on it.'s beta version under construction was called Sadly, the robotx.txt file makes it impossible to be accessed on the wayback machine, and the domain has been closed presently. It was available in 2012, but not later, as it got moved to and merged with's domain instead.

The many differences on this beta are listed below:

General Differences Edit

English, Catalan, Spanish and Nyan are the only Language options available. Please note that Catalan is Catala before it got renamed.

There are no Lovebots; they didn't exist on that version

Flavors are called "Skins"

The "Pick a Flavor" bar is not present; it is still in beta stage. Instead, there is a hyperlink saying "Pick a Skin" instead.

Stats does not exist yet as an available option, but Credits and Store do.

To tell others about your nyan score, you had to click on either the Facebook button or the Twitter Button; There was no text to tell you that scores could be sent yet.

Flavors/Skins Edit

The list of nyans to choose from differs from that of the final version. They are all listed in order of where they appear on the "Pick a Flavor (Skin)" menu:

Nyan Cat/Original Edit

Apart from being called just "Cat" back then, there is no other differences.

Glitch Cat Edit

The WTF cat is available second on the list. The differences here is that the animated sprite is a cartwheeling nyan cat instead of a scrambled and trippy one.

Ganja Cat Edit

The old version of Rasta Cat, the Ganja Cat, can be found third on the list. The only difference here is that it is using the design where it is just the original nyan cat wearing a stripey hat. Everything, including music remain the same.

Retro Cat Edit

Not much has changed about this cat. The one difference is that obviously, since there are no Lovebots, their Retro counterpart, "Retrobots" don't exist yet. Also these Retrobots cannot be found on the present version.

Breakfast (Bacon) Nyan Cat Edit

Nothing has changed for this cat at all, appart from the location on the "Pick a Flavor" bar.

Nyaninja Edit

The Nyan Ninja has not much changed.

New Years Day Nyan Cat Edit

The nyan cat on this page has not much changed, apart from the fact that it says 2012, due to it being that year at that time.

Elevator Nyan Cat

The stars are not yet going upwards, and the elevator's rainbow appears not be very long.

Gameboy Cat Edit

Not much has changed for this cat, except the fact that Little Kitty and Missingnyan are not seen in the video, which could mean that they are not present on this page yet.

Smurf Nyan Cat Edit

An obvious different between later versions and this version is that Smurf Cat exists here too. However, despite being here, not much has been changed. but they were removed

Slomo Cat Edit

There is not much difference with Slomo Cat

Tac Nayn Edit

The dark nyan cat itself appears on this version of The differences here are that Tac Nayn is flying right like the rest of the other nyans and the skulls also fly to the left. Later versions fix this, but the present version has a glitch where the rainbow and skulls are incorrect.

Jazz Cat Edit

The Smooth Jazz Cat is not much different than its modern version.

Jackson 5 Nyan Cat Edit

This Nyan cat flavor has not changed much.

Sad Nyan Cat Edit

The Sad Nyan Cat is present here, meaning that Marty has already died at this point. :( This cat hasn't been changed much though.

American Nyan Cat

This cat flavor was known as "Uh-murica", despite the title saying "Nyan Cat Endores Capitalism". Everything else remains the same as later versions.

Christmas Nyan Cat

This nyan has not changed much, but later versions have a different title instead.

Toaster Dog Edit

Toaster Dog is available as a flavor. On newer versions, this dog was a hidden flavor like Missingnyan cat, but there was no picture or way of getting to it, unless "Toaster" is typed into the url after the /. The later versions featured the title having ellipses in it, and presently no title, has it has been long forgotten.

Fiesta Dog Edit

On old versions, such as this beta, the title says Fiesta Dog, but the gif image itself and url said "Tacodog" instead of "Fiesta". Everything else here is the exact same as the current version.

Melon Bird Edit

Everything here is the same as later versions. The page was named as "melonbird" in the url though instead of just "melon".

Star Sheep Edit

Everything here is the same as later versions. The page was named as "starsheep" in the url though instead of just "star".

Balloon Cat Edit

The Balloon Cat's theme is delayed for a few seconds, before finally starting. This bug was fixed in later versions. Everything else remains untouched. The present version has stars going left instead of clouds.

Trivia Edit

  • was the birthplace of the first Nyan Cat with a Unique Rainbow; Toast Cat had a seven colored one.
  • The website was NOT created by the original creator, but is now owned by him.
  • The website has yet to be updated since the New Year of 2017.
  • The old Huy Hong era of didn't use gif images for the Nyan Cat, Toast Cat or Ganja Toast Cat.

Gallery of's nyan cats Edit