Nyan Cat BR
Brazilian Nyan Cat
Head Large toothed, impossible cross-eyed (looking away from each other), and wrinkly faced Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Banana
Stream BR laughing
Nyan Cat BR (Brazilian Nyan Cat)

Nyan Cat BR (Brazilian Nyan Cat)

Nyan Cat BR (Brazilian Nyan Cat) is a (creepy looking) nyan cat based on another meme on YouTube made by "Stephen Lynx"

Even though the title of this nyan cat says it is Brazilian, this nyan is actually centered around another meme: BR Laughing.

Instead of making "nya" sounds in the song, it makes a high pitched "hAUEHUAEHAUEHuAEHU BR BR".

It has what looks like a banana for its body and a creepy looking face full of crooked teeth and has cross eyes and pink tired bags under the eyes, making this nyan cat look creepy.

The creepy meme cat is also flying over the city of Rio, a Brazilian city. The sun can be seen in the top right corner.