Nyan Cat FLY! is a game created by KRANGgames.


This is the picture of the cat at the game over screen


You try to fly through space and collect Yummies, while avoiding veggies. There are also stars and wikis you can collect. If you hit a veggie, you can't collect Yummies, wikis or stars for a few seconds. If you collect veggies 3 times, you lose your ability to fly, and you get redirected to the game over page with a real life nyan cat picture. You can also submit your score, play again or go back to the main menu. At the main menu you can type in using your keyboard (and not in gameplay or the game over screen, custom nyan cat or credits) some secrets. You can also customize your nyan cat and give it a different look!


Your controls are mostly using the arrow keys:

  • Up-Go Up
  • Down-Go Down
  • Left/P-Pause screen
  • Right/P-Out of pause screen
  • Q-(while in pause screen)-Quit game

My NyanEdit

The My Nyan menu is basically stats. You can customize your cat in the My Nyan menu as well. The options you can choose from are:

  • Fur color: Grey, Dark Gray, Light Grey, Orange, Dark Orange, Brown, Maroon and a random color.
  • Icing: Pink, Brown, Dark Pink, Purple, Beige, Yellow, Green and a random color.
  • Sprinkles (labeled Candy): Pink, Brown, Red, Blue, White, Black-Orange-Red-Brown ,Rainbow and a random color.
  • Pastry: Vanilla and Chocolate.

What the stats are:

Top score, Total nyans, Galaxy visits, Avg.Nyans, Time played, Omnomnometers, Yummies eaten, Veggies eaten, Stars eaten, Wikis eaten, Fave Yummy, "Fave" Veggie, and Secrets found.


There are a total of 26 known secrets.They are listed here.(Copied from,the first comment.Not discovered by me.)

FunkyFace: Modifies the bottom-screen text notifications in game

OmNomNomable: Changes "Nyans" to "Noms" in gameplay

VertigoKitty: Flips the galaxy upside-down

ColdWintersDay: Makes Nyan Cat move slowly from lane to lane

DownInFront: Moves Nyan Cat far up the screen

SnookiesCookies: Changes the word "cookies" to "Snookies" in the text notifications

ReverseEngineering: Reverses the galaxy horizontally, and inverts the rainbow trail

TastingTheRainbow: Reverses Nyan Cat

NyanCatMarch: Replaces bottom-screen text notifications with a parade of Nyan Cats

UseYourWhiskers: Disables the HUD

Leprechaunitis: Disables Nyan Cat's rainbow

CatBreadForTheWin: Replaces all yummies with Cat Bread!

InvisibilityCloak: Makes Nyan Cat completely invisible

BlackAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely black

WhiteAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely white

DreamsComeTrue: Makes Nyan Cat flash rainbow colors

SummerNyan: Turns Nyan Cat into a watermelon

ChocoKittyTart: Makes a Chocolate Pop-Tart Themed Nyan Cat

YouLookLikeAPopTart: Makes Nyan Cat white, pink and purple

NyanOLantern: Makes Nyan Cat Hallowe'en-Themed

NyanFisher: Makes Nyan Cat stealth themed (a la Sam Fisher)

GGGGhostNyan: Makes Nyan Cat transparent

NyanTheDarkLord: Makes Nyan Cat black and glow red. Red glow is retained after reloading the game, black is not.

NyanStamp: Embosses Nyan Cat

ForgotMyGlasses: Makes Nyan Cat blurry and nearly invisible

DivideByZero: Makes Nyan Cat invert the color of whatever is behind it

FunkyFace TextEdit

These are the texts of the items when FunkyFace is activated.

Cookie: Diskette

Cake: Lie

Catbread: Nekopan

Cupcake: Muffin

Strawberry: Stwawbarry

Ice Cream: Iced Product

Gumdrop: Fundrop

Lollipop: Sugarswirl

Asparagus: Sugaraspa

Broccoli: Snotccoli

Cabbage: Blabbage

Celery: Gross Onion

Brussel Sprout: Brussel Splat

Gold/silver Star: Gold/silver Medal

Veggies: Yuckies/greens

Sweets: Omnoms/snacks


This displays the high score for the Day, Week, Month,and All Time, depending on what you choose.

The current all-time champion is labeled as The One True Nyan, 2nd is Karmazin_Euger and the 3rd is Velin Apostolov!

Nyan StuffEdit

When you click on Nyan Stuff, it takes you to a store, but it currently does not have anything in stock.