Nyan Cat falls in love!!

Nyan Cat falls in love!!

Nyan Cat Falls in Love is a video about Nyan Cat and Mrs. Nyan Cat.

Short Edit

Nyan Cat finds a female Nyan Cat and they fall in love. They do many activities together, which includes getting maried too. But while flying in space, Mrs. Nyan Cat is hit by a meteorite and knocked into the sun and killed. Later, Nyan Cat tries to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff but is saved by Mrs. Nyan Cat's spirit.

Long Edit

Nyan Cat is sleeping next to a tree while the Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat's music plays. He  then wakes up. After a long walk where is only grass he finds captured birds and bunnies. Nyan Cat gets angry that someone is evil to do that to such creatures. He uses his super power and unlocks the cage. The birds and bunnys run away happy and behind them Nyan Cat sees a female Nyan Cat almost like just him. Nyan Cat fell in love with her even when she opened her eyes. They go next to each other and a heart (love symbol) appears near to them. They both smile at each other and they take a walk, sail with a ship in water, go in forests and then they both stopped at a bridge and Nyan Cat told Mrs. Nyan Cat to look at the sky. Then they fly in space when a fireball is flying next to them. They don't see the fireball and it is moving closer and more closer to them. But then the fireball hits Mrs. Nyan Cat, Nyan Cat looks at her. Then the fireball takes Mrs. Nyan Cat to the sun and she exploded. Nyan Cat is crying that she died next to a cliff, he is about to jump from the cliff to commit suicide. He jumps from the cliff, but then Mrs. Nyan Cat's spirit appears and she says "Don't end your life like this!". Then her spirit says "You have to live!", "You are the Nyan Cat.". After a while she also says "People need you!" and "Spread the happiness!". Then Nyan Cat is normal again and makes everywhere around the world rainbows.

Theory Edit

There is a theory that states that Tac Nayn was attempting to kill Nyan Cat, but hit Mrs. Nyan Cat instead.