Nyan Kitten is a younger version of Nyan Cat.

So far, there are only two known versions of Nyan Kitten, and none of them have their own music video:


Nyan Kitten

The first one is not found anywhere else online, so it is possible that this nyan was made up only for this wiki:

It is shorter in length than the adult nyan cat. in addition, the poptart is a darker color and the sprinkles are blue, making it look more like a Wild Berry Poptart. The head is also slightly taller, and the fur color is a lighter grey. The background has a more intense contrasted blue. There are no stars visible on this nyan, and there is no music, due to the lack of a video.

Because it is only found on this wiki and not on YouTube or, the origin of this Nyan is not known.

Another version called Baby Nyan Cat also exists. It is a very pixelated and much smaller version of Nyan Cat. Sadly, the original baby nyan cat video has gone, but there are many others around on YouTube.

Another version of the baby version of Nyan Cat is featured in a fanon backstory of how the Nyan cat got the poptart body. The baby nyan cat is the small grey cat on the picture.

Nyan Cat baby at farm

Nyan Kitten in Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again Edit

Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again 23

The second one is featured on Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again, where the Nyan Kitten can be seen with the parents. It is a chubbier nyan cat, being half the size of an adult nyan cat, a has a slightly shorter tail and eyes that are more closer together.

Sadly, in this video, Nyan Kitten's (Nyan Cat's) parents are killed by Nettik Nayn (Tac Nayn as a kitten).

Trivia Edit

  • There's no video of the first version of Nyan Kitten.
  • Three nyan kittens appear in Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again; Nyan Cat as a Kitten, Grace as a Nyan Kitten, and Tac Nayn as a kitten, possibly known back then as Nettik Nayn.