Nyan Puffle
Nyan Puffle
Head Plok the Orange Puffle
Body Cardboard Poptart Box
Stream Original Rainbow
Rainbow Puffle??? Official Club Penguin

Rainbow Puffle??? Official Club Penguin

Nyan Puffle is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat.

The owners of the massively successful online virtual world, Club Penguin, had decided to create a video called Nyan Puffle, a nyan cat parody as a cameo.

The Orange Puffle, Plok becomes a Nyan Puffle in the Box Dimension , a location in the game. He is sitting in a box with a Pop-Tart picture on it to make himself a Nyan. It has a rainbow trail streak following it.

The Box flaps go up and down and 8-bit music plays as he goes. The 8-bit music is NOT the original Nyan Cat theme song either.

There is another version; to parody Club Penguin's own spoof; A Nyan Dubstep Puffle.

Trivia Edit

Puffles are pets on the online game "Club Penguin" which can be purchased for 400 coins and come in 10 fur colors: blue, red, pink, black, green, yellow, purple, white, brown and orange. The 24k gold one is hard to obtain and there is also a secret rainbow one. (You can get it by using the cannon on the roof of the hotel)

The music played on Nyan Puffle sounds suspiciously like Mario music. It is unknown if this is coincidence or not.