Note: This Nyan Cat is a fan fiction work. This is not an official Nyan Cat Spoof.

Nyan Tac was thought to be a myth, but is a type of nyan cat which is a mixture between Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn.

It formed when the crazy scientist who accidently created Nyan Cat wanted to create another amazing cat like that. He tried but unforunatly failed. After that, he realised that he had some of Nyan Cat's DNA left from the experiment where he created the amazing poptart wonder. He used it to create another Nyan Cat, but it didnt turn out as expected. The experiment had gone wrong as he had forgot a vital step making sure the DNA was 100% safe to use.

The DNA unfortunatly had gone bad. He mixed the DNA with an average cat's DNA and then BOOOOM! A firey blast shuck the lab, and when the poor scientist got up, the cat was gone.

Nyan Tac is a very evil Nyan Cat, much like Tac Nayn, which poops out a firey blast instead of a beautiful rainbow.


Nyan Tac Head: Evil russian blue cat Body: Purple Poptart with a scratch Stream: Firey Red, Orange, Yellow Music: Unknown/None