This Nyan Cat was made at the time when Nyan Cat fans were happy that their poptart cat had survived 1 Party Nyan Cat year as an internet meme. This variation is like the normal one, but as you can see from the picture, he is wearing a rainbow party hat.

Party Nyan Cat also known as Birthday Nyan Cat is a variant of nyan cat that was released for the anniversary that the original Nyan Cat video was uploaded to YouTube that appears on the main page of Nyan.Cat whenever it is the anniversary of Nyan Cat's upload.

This cat is just the original Nyan Cat wearing a rainbow birthday hat on top of the poptart body, which bounces around as the cat flies through space.

The music is also the original Nyan Cat Song.

Trivia Edit

This Nyan Cat becomes the main page's cat whenever it is the date the original video was uploaded.