Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat is a spoof of the original Nyan Cat by the YouTuber "Heartless Corporation".

In the original video, Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat is a gray-scale color version that travels through a grey version of outer-space, the stars that explode still flying across.

The rainbow keeps its color, being the only thing in color on the video. This nyan also wears sunglasses on the face.

As the nyan's name implies, Smooth Jazz Cat flies to a catchy jazzy version of the original theme, using male "nya nya nya!" vocals instead.

On the NYAN.CAT website, the Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat has a slightly grey-blue tint;

The poptart's pastry is a grey-blue color, with blue icing and darker blue sprinkles.

The glasses have also been altered, and are a different style, size and shape. The cat also remains having the original Russian Blue Cat, but the cheeks are blue instead of pink.

The rainbow has a lower contrast effect on it, making it duller and darker.

The original version. Notice the slightly different glasses?

Like on the video, the page's backdrop is still the grey version of Space. The Jazz remix also plays on this version.

The title of the page says "Non-stop Jazz Cat" and the options below highlight in pink.

Although the title says it is non-stop, the music actually fades out if left on for long enough.

Saving the gif picture will reveal its default name as Jazz.gif and the Pick a Flavor Icon is also called Jazz.gif.

Trivia Edit

  • The version has glasses that look like Squirtle's shades. This may be not be coincidental due to the other flavors having video game references to them.
  • This nyan cat was officially one of prguitarman's favorite spoofs.